SHP82-Lab Fume Extractor/Exhaust,flexible fume extraction arm,fume exhaust

SHP82-Lab Fume Extractor/Exhaust,PP/PVC,Ceiling mounted,wall mounted

Item  no.:SHP82
Product name:Fume exhaust (ceiling/wall/bench mounted)
Material:PP(Polypropylene),PVC(Polyvinyl chloride)
1. Joint: high grade PP/PC, to be 360 swiveled
2. Joint hermetic ring: low-aging treated rubber.               
3. Support spring/joint bolt: High grade PP with a moded – in S/S bearing locking center bolt
4. Adjustable joint knob: high grade PP/PC with a built-in brass nut locking with center bolt
5. Damper: to manually adjust airflow by a knob
6. Dome/cup hood: D375mm/200mm, high grade PP/PC, red, grey & transparent available
7. Extension tube: D75mm PVC/PC
8. Bracket: high grade PP/PC (ceiling/wall mounted), PP/PC (bench mounted)
9.Guiding ting: Low – friction treated rubber