SHP2-Lab PP Mid Size Sink,555*455*310mm Cup Sink Lab PP Cup Sink science lab sink

SHP2-Lab PP Mid Size Sink,555*455*310mm

 Item  no.:SHP2
Product name:SHP2-Lab PP Mid Size Sink,555*455*310mm
 Color: grey
Material: high grade PP(polypropylene)
Accessories: high grade PP overflow, filter & stopper
Optional Accessories:white/black PP hose

Type Laboratory Furniture, Laboratory Science Working Bench,lab working bench, Cabinet Basins, lab furniture equipments
Brand Techsafe
Color Black/white/grey/Customized
Outer diamater 555*455*310mm
Inner diamater 490*390*300mm
Worktop PP plate or physicochemical board,
Ceramics,Epoxy/Phenolic/Ceramic/Stainless Steel/Wood,
Material high intensity PP, corrosion-proof, acid-proof, and alkali-proof.
Surface veins skin line as operating surface processing, cut-resistant, having identical skin line with the table-board.
Digging hole Digging hole on the table-board: first choosing the installation way as the diagram shows (sink installation sketch map) according to the experiment table and the indoor environment, and then to dig the hole according to the dimension map of the sink.
installation to daub the epoxy resin glue around the sink edge (the joints with the table-board), and then put the sink into the hole of the table-board, press the sink edge with even strength so as to stick the sink solid.
Connection  up to the assembly sketch map, link each part one by one in order; let the watering tube aiming at the drainage outlet.