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Epoxy Resin worktop



Outstanding performance

In today's international laboratory field,epoxy resin board has become the mainstream of materials laboratory table. Especially in the United States, more than 95% of users are using epoxy resin panel high temperature, strong corrosion, absolute moisture, resistant to pollution, can repair, the more extreme laboratory environment, more and more show its excellent performance, it is currently on the market the best overall performance laboratory table of.
High temperature resistance
In the laboratory of common high temperature exposure, auneau poetry board blister, do not break, especially suitable for the long time placing burning furnace ventilation cabinet.
In 24 hours the super anti-corrosion
Auneau poetry board inert materials, for the majority of corrosive chemical reagent has a strong resistance.
Absolute moisture
Auneau poetry board does not contain any paper ingredients, no shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, such as the sars virus, is particularly suitable for pharmaceutical and biological chemistry laboratory.
Safe and reliable
Auneau poetry board does not contain asbestos composition, nonflammable, non-conductive, does not produce toxic gases when heated, does not infringe the operator's safety and health
Durable durable
Auneau poem plate integrally penetrating core, no delamination, no swelling, cracking, scratching the surface after renovation repair.
High performance
Auneau poetry board compared with imported products, consistent performance, low prices, a high ratio of performance to price.
Beautiful appearance
Auneau poem plate surface smooth, low reflection, easy cleaning and easy maintenance.
Uniform color
Auneau poem plate ensures different batches of the product color is uniform, black, grey, green for the three mainstream color can also be customized colors.
Epoxy resin board swept Europe and the United States for many years, now more and more domestic medical institutions, universities, chemical enterprises, scientific research institutions, terminal customers use, are also in use and plan to use epoxy resin board. Because it is a high temperature resistant, flame retardant:; two is a beautiful appearance, high machinability; three is convenient for loading and unloading.