SH4694-eye wash solution,Plum eyewash Solution Station with 2 bottles

SH4694-eye wash solution,Plum eyewash Solution Station with 2 bottles


Model. No.: SH4694
Packaging: 1 unit,500ml/bottle
Rinsing time: ca. 10 min  

Plum Eye Wash:0.9%sterile sodium chloride solution corresponding the eye’s
natural fluid Suitable for dust,dirt,foreign bodies,other chemicals and for the
continuous rinsing after PH Neutra

A fast eye wash solution that can easily be installed close to the workplace.
The station is equipped with a mirror and clear instructions to ensure rapid,correct rinsing in the event of an accident.
Not suitable for very dusty and dirty workplaces. 


For optimal safety where there is a risk of eye injury the eye-rinse facilities must be:
1. Instantly accessible
2. Quick to apply
3. Effective without causing futher injury
We can offer you a wide range of eye wash solutions. Small and big stations for wall-mounting directly at workplaces. Or small mobile solutions to put into vehicles, the toolbox and first-aid box, or in a special belt bag. It will always be possible to find a solution that gives you easy access to eye wash.
Our system is developed to make is easy for you to rinse the eye. Two simple movements and the bottle is ready for use. The ergonomic eye cup ensures easy direct rinsing and leads the fluid away from the eye after rinsing.