SH6670E-eye wash kits,eye wash Station with 2 bottles 1 mirror

SH6670E-eye wash kits,eye wash Station with 2 empty bottles


Model. No.: SH6670E
Packaging: 1 unit,500ml/bottle,in total two integrated eye bottle cups and one mirror and one bracket
Rinsing time: ca. 10 min  

Skin and eye syring is used for emergency treatment only.A doctor should be seen immediately after that.
Fill it with 500ml pure water which should be replaced every 90 days.
All vessels are made of nontoxic polyethylene material.

1, Flush skin eyewash, only as an emergency treatment, you must seek
medical advice immediately after processing treatment.
2, add 500ml/bottle of pure water, pure water should be changed every 90 days.
3, containers are made of polyethylene,non-toxic materials.

A fast eye wash solution that can easily be installed close to the workplace.
The station is equipped with a mirror and clear instructions to ensure rapid,correct rinsing in the event of an accident.
Not suitable for very dusty and dirty workplaces.