SH782AW-Portable Eye wash,12L eye wash

SH782AW-Portable Eye wash,12L

Item no.:
Product name:Portable Eye wash,12L
Function:12L capacity allows for 15 minute flow

Portable press-wash skin & eye wash takes up little room,which is the most visible character.
The feature:
It can supply the most professional protection,convenient & shortcut.
2.It has no special requirments of can be used according to circumstances.
3.It can be used in washing face or eyes,hands assistant is available if necessary.'s made of innocuous polyethylene

*Method of Usage:
Input water:
turn the inflator pump counter-clockwisely,take it out and add pure water to the scale of 12L.Then tighten the lock nut.
Airinflation:rotate the inflator pump handle and pull it out of the constant head tank, push and pull it to inflate to the Vent Valve exhausting automatically.Then pull the handle into the constant head tank.
Rinse:the eye wash is usable when clenching the eye wash handle,drawdown the push button to fixing the water at a constant stream,after using,draw up the push button & loosen the handle.