SH712BSF-Safety shower & eyewash station with foot pedal,SS304/316,Yellow,red,green

SH712BSF-Safety shower & eyewash station with foot pedal,SS304/316,Yellow,red,green
Item no.:
Product name:Safety shower & eyewash station,SS304
Material:SUS304 Seamless explosion-proof pipe
Coating: High gloss epoxy powder coating is available
Shower: 1"IPS valve, hands-free stay-open valve activates in 1 second for body rinse
Eye Wash: 1/2"valve, ergonomically designed for eyes, face, and hands wash, hands-free
Spray Head: SUS304, remove impurities from water
Water supply and outlet:1-1/4“


yewashes and safety showers were developed in response to the increased use of hazardous chemicals. Eyewashes and safety showers are emergency systems used in both public and private industry to protect an employee from injury in case of contact with hazardous chemicals, chemical compounds or fire.
The four basic ways these safety systems are used include:
1. Dilution—diluting the chemicals that are on the skin or in the eyes to a nonharmful level.
2. Warming/cooling—warming or cooling the body or eyes because of a change in temperature due to chemical exposure.
3. Irrigation—flushing the chemicals out of the eyes or off the skin.
4. Extinguishment—putting out fires of clothing on the body.