SHD200S1-Techsafe Pedaled safety shower & eyewash station with railing ANSI Z358.1-2014,SS304/G.I.

SHD200S-Pedaled safety shower & eyewash station with railing,SS304/G.I.

Item no.:
Product name:Foot Control Stainless Steel Combination Eye Washes/Shower (with the Platform) 
Material:304/316 stainless steel
1.Head: 10″ABS plastic in Safety Yellow, ABS plastic eye wash.
2.Valves: Shower valve is making of the 1″SS304 ball valve. Eye wash valve is making of the 3/4″valve.
3.Water supply and outlet: 1-1/4″IPS.
4.Flow control: 114L/Max.
5.Hydraulic pressure: 0.2MPA~0.8MPA
6.Original waster: Clean or leached water.
7.Operation condition: Eye Wash & Showers option for almost every industrial situation.
8.Notification of operation: Use in the lower polluted chemical environment. Please choose the SS316 when the acidity is too high