SHD200SG-Pedaled safety shower & eyewash station with alram & signal systerm,SS304/G.I.

SHD200SG-Pedaled safety shower & eyewash station with alram & signal systerm,SS304/G.I.

Item no.:SHD200SG
Product name:Foot Control Stainless Steel Combination Eye Washes/Shower (with Platform) 
Material:304/316 stainless steel
1.Head: 10″ABS plastic in Safety Yellow, ABS plastic eye wash.
2.Valves: Shower valve is making of the 1″SS304 ball valve. Eye wash valve is making of the 3/4″valve.
3.Water supply and outlet: 1-1/4″IPS.
4.Flow control: 114L/Max.
5.Hydraulic pressure: 0.2MPA~0.8MPA
6.Original waster: Clean or leached water.
7.Operation condition: Eye Wash & Showers option for almost every industrial situation.
8.Notification of operation: Use in the lower polluted chemical environment. Please choose the SS316 when the acidity is too high 



Sound and light alarm,fixed on the shower pipe top, and sound and light alarm signal upload works: When someone uses the shower or eyewash system, the pipe water flow, start flow switches, flow switches at the same time to sound and light alarms and signals Upload turned on or off signal, sound and light warning lights turned on or off, start or stop the alarm; the flow switch to the control center at the same time a passive dry contact signal (ON or oFF signal), the control center received on or off signal to start or stop the alarm.

Flowcontroller is a mechanical flow switch, also known as baffle flow switch and blade flow switch. Flow controller works by using the flow of water forces to bring leaves to test whether the liquid flow tube, when the liquid does not flow in the pipeline, spring down vanes perpendicular magnet, reed switch no action at this time, the contact in the normally open (NO) position. When the liquid flow in the pipeline and the liquid flow is sufficient to push the blade height of about 20 ° ~ 30 °, the eccentric drive blades to push up the top of the magnet, the magnet of attraction of the magnetic reed switch action, this time contacts connected (close). Due to the different length of the blade diameter should be adjusted accordingly. Features: with five kinds of leaves of different lengths applicable to different places of different diameters flow; compare similar products, can withstand greater media pressure; flow rate adjustable size; simple structure, high reliability;

The use of sound and light alarmssound chipamplification by the transistor and transformer, pushspeakeraudible; the timingcircuit controlusingultra-brightlight-emitting diodesemitflashesoflightsignals.Whenthe fire sceneand confirmed,the firealarm sound and lightinstallationat the sceneby thefire control center of fire alarm control linkage program starts.