SH786S1-Emergency shower & eyewash booth with water tank,SS304

SH786SI-Emergency shower & eyewash booth,SS304

Emergency Shower & Eye Wash Booth
Material: 304 stainless steel
Shower: 304 stainless steel, Hand-frees stay-open valve activates in 1 second
Spray head: Solid brass

1, pressure requirements: 0.25-0.6MPa
2, the use of media: domestic water
3, inlet pipe size: DN32 interface
4, the use of environment: temperature will be less than 5 ℃areas, requiring wash water temperature is slightly hot.
5, the wastewater flows: the site must have sewer or wastewater collection tank.
6, water supply: water supply must be continuous to ensure eyewash water supply is continuous.
7, environmental chemicals requirements: the scene did chloride (HCL, salt spray, etc.), fluoride (HF, fluorine, salt spray, etc.), sulfuric acid H2SO4
Or more than 50% oxalic acid concentration and other chemical substances.
8, Power: 380V / 50HZ

Electrically heated stainless steel composite eyewash eyewash electric heaters for centralized heating, not only the role of antifreeze,
And can effectively improve the wash water temperature 15 ℃, to overcome the electric heating eyewash eyewash can not raise the water temperature problem.
The eyewash 304 stainless steel body material, acid, alkali, salt, oil and other chemicals and corrosive substances.
When the outside temperature is below 4 ℃, you can use electric heaters. 1, the eyewash is in standby state, electric heating
Heat using low-power 150W constant temperature heating, to ensure that water does not freeze; 2, using the eyewash when switched on
High-power electric heater 10KW, so wash water temperature increase 15 ℃.
Electric heating eyewash technical parameters meet the US ANSI / ISEA Z358.1-2009 Emergency Eyewash and
Shower of technical regulations and eyewash Haibo of technical documentation for the winter water temperature below 4 ℃region appear to use,
Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, electronics and other industries.
The eye wash is equipped with a sprinkler system and eye system, installed directly at the job site; Intake Size: 1,1 / 4FNPT,
Outlet sizes: 1,1 / 4FNPT.